The Anatomy of Metroid II : 6 : Killer queen

As you move to hunt and destroy the final metroid and complete your dark plan of galactic genocide, the nature of the game changes. You enter a series of caverns devoid of all life, filled with rocky pools of a viscous liquid that does a bang-up job of giving the impression of alien slime with […]

The Anatomy of Metroid II : 5 : The alpha and the omega

As the metroid counter winds down, Samus Aran enters the final areas of the game. SR-388 offers one last cavern super-structure followed by a couple of smaller tunnel networks that house the climactic encounters. Now that Samus has every piece of gear in hand, the game doesn’t feel particularly compelled to play nice… Including this […]

The Anatomy of Metroid II : 4 : Re-shafted

Note to folks coming over from Giant Bomb: Hi! Thanks for visiting. You have been linked to the middle of this Metroid II series. You can start here at part one, or better yet, just go to the Anatomy of a Game page for the full rundown on this entire project, which also includes the […]

The Anatomy of Metroid II : 3 : Skipping the beta

Besides grabbing the Spider Ball and Bomb, all there really is to do in the first little pocket of SR-388 is kill some alpha metroids and snag a few missile expansions. This first area gives you a pretty good sense of how the entirety of Metroid II‘s structure works. Generally speaking, each separate breakout area consists […]

The Anatomy of Metroid II : 2 : Just another bug hunt

It doesn’t take long for Metroid II to differentiate itself from its predecessor. About… five minutes, I’d guess? That’s about how long it takes, 10 at the outside, for you to encounter your first metroid. Despite its name, Metroid for NES wasn’t really about metroids. Those creatures only showed up at the very end as […]