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A few months back, I casually wrote a small site update referencing the animation frames of Simon Belmont in the original Castlevania and how the detail Konami’s designers invested in such a frivolous thing as a walk cycle represented a pivotal moment in my appreciation of video games. Quite by accident, this set off a cascade of articles dissecting the mechanics and level design of classic video games—initially Castlevania (since that world was brilliantly designed around Simon’s abilities and limitations), but soon branching out to other as well.

I didn’t really intend for this to become a series, let alone a book, but it turns out I’m really fascinated by the art of digesting the rules and fine points of old video games. And, to my surprise, a fair few people enjoy reading my long-irrelevant observations.

Which brings us to GameSpite Journal 13. This issue was originally slated to be something else entirely, but after getting a few Anatomy of a Game entries under my belt I thought it might be interesting to try laying these articles out in print, revisiting them with expansions, revisions, and supplemental content by other GameSpite contributors. While a good portion of this content has apppeared online already, the version contained in this volume has been considerably refined. And also, there’s an entirely new analysis of Castlevania III. So please enjoy, if that’s your inclination—and if not, no worries: GameSpite Journal 14 will be business as usual.

Jeremy Parish

February 28, 2012


In This Issue


  • Vampire Killer

    Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

    • Part One: Basic Design
    • The Second Game is Always Weird on NES
    • Part Two: Interesting Mechanics
    • Part Three: Towns
    • Howard & Nester
    • Part Four: Mansions
    • Part Five: NPCs
    • Part Six: The World
    • The Post-Map Era by Tomm Hulett
    • Part Seven: The Enemies
    • What is That Song and Why Can’t I Stop Humming It? by Tomm Hulett
    • Part Eight: Castlevania
    • Remembering Simon’s Quest by Ben Langberg
    • The Other Simon’s Quest
  • Haunted Castle


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Original content (text and layouts) ©2013 the original author of each piece. Text written by Jeremy Parish unless otherwise noted. Thanks to Tomm Hulett, Jake Alley, Lee Hathcock, Tyler Lindner, and Ben Langberg for their contributions to this volume.

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Cover illustration by Jeremy Parish. Back cover illustration by Bill Mudron, used with permission. Bill’s unadulterated map art will be available in poster format (24” x 36”) in the near future. Please check for more info.

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