Book report

Hello, everyone. Sorry for the lack of activity here lately — I’ve been dealing with a nasty hand injury that’s made writing and video editing (not to mention playing for research) painful and difficult. In my downtime, though, I’ve been keeping myself productive by converting all the Anatomy of Games books to a format that […]

The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I: It’s a book

Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And realize that this blog Works quite well in book form Eat your heart out, Bob Dylan. ANYWAY. The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I, which includes all the bits about Mega Man and Mega Man 2 from Anatomy of Games as well as a bit of new material, can […]

The OG of Anatomy returns

After a year of silence, the Critical Look at Mega Man Stages thread that helped inspire this entire site is alive again. For a good read, go check out Glass Knuckle’s latest post on Talking Time, or, heck, just read the whole thread from start to finish.

Talk about your own anatomy

Uh, or something like that. I’ve opened an Anatomy of Games section on Talking Time for two purposes: One, so you can add stray observations or corrections to Anatomy articles once the comments have closed for spam prevention; and two, so you can have a central location for writing and promoting your own works in […]

Now in print: The Anatomy of Metroid

Well, this is a little ahead of the usual schedule, but since the last book was a quite a bit behind schedule it all works out, I guess. I’ve compiled The Anatomy of Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Metroid II into a book that is now available on the site’s bookstore. My original intent was to […]

It’s been a while…

…but the next GameSpite Journal is nearly ready to go to press and will probably be in the bookstore next week. Be excited, I guess?

The Anatomy of Zelda: Now compact and cheap

How unfortunate that the subject line of this post leaves so much open to misinterpretation. Alas. Anyway, it’s a little late, but The Anatomy of Zelda Vol. I now has a tiny B&W paperback counterpart for those who (understandably) dig the content but don’t want to shell out $40-60 for the large format. In its […]

The Legend of Zelda: The Anatomy of: The Book

…The Ride: The Book: Etc. The latest in the GameSpite Journal series has just body-checked the Blurb store with two available versions: Hardcover and paperback. As usual. Like The Anatomy of Castlevania Vol. I, this edition is the larger 10×8″ landscape format and isn’t available in black and white, so the price is a little […]

The people have spoken

And what the people have said is, “We would like to see Anatomy of a Game write-ups on a good many different titles.” Some interesting suggestions in there. Thanks to the dozens of people who responded! As it turns out, two series were name-dropped most frequently… and, not surprisingly, they’re Nintendo’s other “big” franchises. Mario: […]

Whose anatomy should we look at next? [REDUX]

Now that I’ve finished with The Anatomy of Zelda II — wherein I learned that Zelda II is in fact quite good — it’s time to move on to new ventures. But… which? I had some thoughts in mind for what should go under the microscope next, but I can’t settle. Honestly, with as many changes […]