The Anatomy of Bionic Commando | 9 | The back nine

Oh, so you managed to survive the gauntlet that is Area 6 of Bionic Commando? The stage that serves the same “do or die” road bump as, say, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne‘s Matador battle? Nicely done. Welcome to the rest of the game. The travel pass you acquire from Area 6 has exactly one use in […]

The Anatomy of Bionic Commando | 7 | A tower struck down

I’m as surprised as anyone by just how many parts this Bionic Commando series is turning out to be. I figured by this point I’d be toward the end of the game already, but I’m still working toward the halfway point. Maybe the second half will be much faster, but who knows? I mean, I already […]

The Anatomy of Bionic Commando | 6 | Botany bane

Note: I just realized I never bothered to mention that The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I is available on Gumroad, if you’d like the PDF. So… there’s that.   If Area 2 was the game’s optional warm-up, Area 3 is more of an instant-kill death trap trial-by-fire… though still an optional one, as it […]

The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I: It’s a book

Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And realize that this blog Works quite well in book form Eat your heart out, Bob Dylan. ANYWAY. The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I, which includes all the bits about Mega Man and Mega Man 2 from Anatomy of Games as well as a bit of new material, can […]