The Anatomy of Kid Icarus V: And me without my thread

With World 1-3 bested, Pit moves along to an even more advanced version of the vertically scrolling action that’s transpired over the past three stages… oh, no, wait. Actually World 1-4 bears no resemblance whatsoever to the previous three levels. Instead of a one-way ascent, this stage instead plays out as a labyrinth of single, […]

The Anatomy of Kid Icarus IV: Up the long ladder

Did you miss me? Alas, I had to take a break from 2 Dimensions because I was working on a massive freaking Sega Genesis anniversary tribute. As always, the challenge with this sort of thing is in writing something about a well-worn subject that hasn’t already been said to death. Despite the fact that they’re […]

The Anatomy of Kid Icarus III: Slippery slope

Depending on which version of Kid Icarus you play, the game’s difficulty level will either climb or drop here in the second stage. In the 3D Classics remake, World 1-2 isn’t as difficult as World 1-1; in the original NES/Famicom game, however, it’s moderately more difficult. So if you go old-school, you have to struggle […]

The Anatomy of Kid Icarus II: From hell’s heart

Like Castlevania, Kid Icarus tells a story through its environmental design. Castlevania‘s story, I think, is relayed more effectively via its visuals, but Kid Icarus‘ narrative actually fits better with the progression of its play mechanics. In brief, the gorgon Medusa has deposed the goddess of light, Palutena, imprisoning both the goddess and her subjects […]

The Anatomy of Kid Icarus I: Angel land story

Before I venture any further into The Anatomy of Metroid, its sibling micro-series Kid Icarus requires a look. The original games in each respective series shared a certain amount of overlap, as the Metroid staff helped put the wraps on Kid Icarus after shipping their own project. Despite have been developed and released shortly after […]

The Anatomy of Super Mario: XXXIV. All good things

World 8-4 Bowser’s castle is different than the other castles. Oh, it looks the same, and it uses a lot of the same tricks you’ve seen in previous x-4 stages. But this is a challenge on a whole different level from what’s come before. World 8-4 is a huge, complex maze. It makes World 7-4’s […]